Ending the Homeless Crisis:

Homelessness is a complex issue. But it is unacceptable that some members of the City Council are content with driving downtown and seeing camps around our parks and people sleeping on the streets. We need compassion and accountability. Resources have been made available, but leadership has not made the connection quick enough to help our most vulnerable.


  • Fastrack current partnerships in place with local, county, state, non-profit and business agencies;
  • Expedite current projects on navigation centers so they can provide resources as soon as possible.


Ensuring We Feel Safe:

Public safety is crucial to our communities. And Salem is unfortunately facing a police officer shortage. The Salem Police Department needs the full support of the Salem City Council to keep us safe. 


  • Provide the Police Department with necessary tools and resources to conduct their duty without any barriers;
  • Increase communication between neighborhoods and law enforcement on specific issues they are facing.

Making Salem More Affordable:

Salem home prices are skyrocketing. A lack of housing inventory is a key driver. Our Council must be proactive and creative to reduce barriers to housing affordability. 

  • Working with the Planning Commission and local developers to move along entry level housing projects for first-time homebuyers and other residents is a must;
  • Accelerate the permit process to cut back on unnecessary red tape.